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Most melodies aren’t just stepwise. They also contain leaps, like this. When you first learn to read music, you practice identifying these as skips and steps. 
We’re going to start with an arpeggiated chord. A chord consists of more than one pitch, played at the same time. Usually, a chord is built using three or more pitches. When you arpeggiate a chord, you play or sing those pitches individually. 
Practice with me on a major chord, which sounds like this. Again, we’ll start on numbers, but you can transition to a vowel or syllable if you’re ready for a challenge. Sing [1-3-5]; [echo]. [5-3-1]. And put it together: [1-3-5-3-1]. Your turn. Nice! Keep going with the piano. 
[Exercise: 1-3-5 5-3-1 1-3-5-3-1]
Do you know what those intervals were called? Recall that a step is also called a second. With our arpeggiated chord, we’re singing thirds. 1 to 3 is called a major third. Practice singing that with me, first ascending, and descending. 
3 to 5 is called a minor third. Sing that with me, first ascending, and descending. 
Let’s complete our major scale pattern with the highest pitch on top. Sing on numbers first, ascending. And descending, start on 8. The whole thing, from 1 to 8 and back. 
[Exercise: 1-3-5-8 8-5-3-1 1-3-5-8-5-3-1]
Awesome job! See you in part 3 for large leaps and putting it all together. 


Instructor: Camille van Niekerk

Camille van Niekerk is a singer, writer and vocal instructor in Southern California. Camille began studying voice and performing in musicals at age seven. In 2010, Camille began working towards her BA in Music Education at Azusa Pacific University. She then earned her teaching credential from San Diego State University and taught classroom choral and instrumental music. Shortly after moving to LA county, Camille began her private vocal studio, providing vocal coaching, ear training, and recording for students of all ages. She is constantly refining her skills and methods for greater versatility and effectiveness. When she is not teaching, Camille enjoys singing with the L.A. Choral Lab and Ensoma Creative. She lives in San Diego with her husband and loves going to the beach, practicing yoga, reading, and cooking.