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Welcome to the Warm-ups section! This collection of lessons explores various warm ups which are essential to any singer's routine. We'll also give you helpful reminders and professional tips at maintaining your vocal health and preserving your voice. When you're stuck in a rut and not sure what how to start a regular practice routine, we recommend using these lessons to get you ready and more comfortable. These are great as standalone routines or you can use them at the beginning of your regular practice routine. A good warm-up is the key to avoiding any vocal strain and prepare you to sing your very best.


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Daily Head Voice For Beginning Bass And Baritone

By Abram Poliakoff

Even if you don’t foresee yourself using a lot of head voice in the songs you sing, it’s crucial that you spend some time in head voice. Head voice not just for high notes: it’s also for flexibility! Join Abram for this daily exercise.

How to Sing Better in 2023

By Abram Poliakoff

New Year, new singing! Start the year off right with these singing tips going in to 2023.

How to Release Vocal Tension

By Abram Poliakoff

As we sing, we can lose track of how tense our body and vocal muscles become. Usually we are having fun and getting in to the song, not even realizing that we tightening and restricting our body. In turn, preventing ourselves from sounding even better! In this lesson, Abram will show you how to keep this in mind while singing, and what you can do afterwards if you are too tight.

Better Breath Control

By Abram Poliakoff

Are you looking for more vocal power? Does your voice crack? Do you run out of breath before a vocal line is through? Want just a bit more volume while singing? All of these issues can be solved with proper breath control.

Pop Vocal Warm Ups

By Abram Poliakoff

Working on your pop singing style? There are specific sounds and techniques used in pop vocals. Here are some warm ups to help you sound like the pop singing greats!

Music Theory For Beginners

By Abram Poliakoff

This lesson is a beginner friendly intro to music theory and why it's so important for intonation, harmony, and reading music. We will go over notes, intervals, scales, and some basics about key and time signatures.

Minor Scale Exercises

By Abram Poliakoff

This class is all about the minor scale. I'll teach the minor scale pattern and then adapt a bunch of exercises to this scale.

Get Back Into The Swing Of Singing

By Abram Poliakoff

We all need a break sometimes. But once that break is over, we need to get back into singing shape. We will show you how to do exactly that.

Start Singing Today! Your First Singing Lesson

By Camille van Niekerk

Don't wait any longer, start singing right now! Join us for your first singing lesson.

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