What does beginner means.

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    Ashutosh 4 years ago

    You all say it's for beginner as well, but by beginner what do you mean ?

    Because when I started this is all what you're assuming we know :

    1. Any musical instrument and scales and notes. Even stathm assumes we know triads and all.

    2. We know how to sing and already have a good voice, just learning it formally. Like beginner means this should be our first formal course.


    I'm total noob and never sung before. No one ever told me you sing very beautiful, so I'm more like a bad singer. I just started learning guitar from guitartricks 3-4 days back, and I'm feeling like this course is not for me.  Help me out this.

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    Camille van Niekerk 4 years ago

    Hi, Ashutosh!

    I recommend you check out my course and/or Jonathan Estabrooks'! I designed mine for absolute beginners, and Estabrooks used the same outline. 



    A common issue for complete beginners is matching pitch. If this is something you struggle with (or might struggle with), check out the resources below:

    Free sites: 

    Online keyboard - https://www.harpkit.com/online-tuner

    Chromatic tuner - https://tuner.ninja/


    Free apps for both iPhone + android:

    Pitched Tuner - https://stonekick.com/tuner.html

    SingSharp - https://www.singsharpapp.com/


    iPhone only:

    PerfectPitch - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/learn-to-sing-perfect-pitch/id1409450884


    How to find songs within my range (note special instructions for male singers):


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    Andrew Parker 3 years ago

    As a beginner -1, I would find it really helpful to have a pre-beginner tutorial to help matching pitch rather than linking to digital tuners.

    Perhaps a matching pitch video using keyboard and guitar?  I find real videos better than simulated digital sounds.  Perhaps others would benifeit from this too?

    As with the original poster, I am going through GuitarTricks and their beginner tutorial assumed that the beginner knew nothing.  It was really helpful.


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    Andrew Parker 3 years ago

     Just tried to update this post and server error.  Now I have to re-type my response.  So far not impressed by 30DaySinger compared to Guitar Tricks.

    ... Just re-reviewed Estabrooks first lesson and had to look up what Major Scale 1-5-1 meant.  His description went to fast and no loop function in the video like GuitarTricks.  Would have been nice to explain in the descritpion that it is a C major scale of middle C at C4-G4-C4.  I know he showed that on the keyboard but went a little fast for a complete begineer.  

    I used a digtial tuner to find the matching notes on the guitar once I knew I was looking for a C4 on the tuner to start.  Then found the G4 on the guitar.  Then match note with Estabrooks video and the online piano that Camille referenced in another post (https://recursivearts.com/virtual-piano/).  Best simulator I have seen, thanks.

    I look forward returning to Statham's lessons once I get the basics of breath control, posture, etc.  Once again, a pre-beginner course is needed.  Call it Fundamentals or something.

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    Camille van Niekerk 3 years ago

    That's a great idea, Andrew! In the meantime, I do think an app is the best tool, as it has a chromatic tuner built in to give you feedback (that a teacher typically would). Here are a few app suggestions and an article with more tips!

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