Online Singing Lessons With Abram Poliakoff

Abram Poliakoff is a singer, guitarist, pianist, teacher, conductor, and composer. He received a Bachelors of Music in Vocal Arts from USC’s Thornton School of Music and has been teaching music for 8 years. He is currently both the Associate Artistic Director and a tenor in the L.A. Choral Lab, which recently released its first studio album Sonic Visions in the fall of 2019. Abram teaches and performs a wide range of genres including Classical, Jazz, Folk and Popular music in the Los Angeles area. He has also sung with the San Francisco Opera and Pocket Opera in the Bay Area. His teaching mission is to help his students utilize vocal technique to find their authentic and healthy voice while maximizing genre flexibility and a naturalness of expression.


Head Voice Troubleshooting

By Abram Poliakoff

This class is for those struggling with head voice. We are going to focus on how to identify what is out of balance with tone and support and lots of tricks to sing comfortably in this register.

Consonants and Vowels

By Abram Poliakoff

In this lesson we are going to map out our main vowels and consonants, discussing the most efficient way to sing each shape and what habits to avoid.

Music Theory For Beginners

By Abram Poliakoff

This lesson is a beginner friendly intro to music theory and why it's so important for intonation, harmony, and reading music. We will go over notes, intervals, scales, and some basics about key and time signatures.

Minor Scale Exercises

By Abram Poliakoff

This class is all about the minor scale. I'll teach the minor scale pattern and then adapt a bunch of exercises to this scale.

How To Grow Your Voice

By Abram Poliakoff

This class is about the process of developing your voice. I will discuss range extension and voice size for both the lower and higher registers and what types of routines are most effective to achieve this.

Get Back Into The Swing Of Singing

By Abram Poliakoff

We all need a break sometimes. But once that break is over, we need to get back into singing shape. We will show you how to do exactly that.

Emotion and Vocal Expression

By Abram Poliakoff

In this lesson we will go over tips and tricks to bring more emotion into your voice using both vocal technique and some mental tricks used by actors to better stimulate and convey emotions while performing.

Rhythm for Singers

By Abram Poliakoff

Having trouble singing in time with the music? This lesson will cover how to master finding the pulse and staying in time while singing as well as what it's like to be behind or ahead of the beat.

Jazz Vocal Style for Beginners

By Abram Poliakoff

In this lesson we are going over a number of techniques and stylistic elements that Jazz vocalists use while singing. We will focus on exercises that we can directly apply to our favorite Jazz standards as well as tips on improvising when required.

Frustrations for Beginning Singers

By Abram Poliakoff

In this lesson we will discuss some common roadblocks for beginning singers that can discourage us from making progress or continuing our vocal practice. We will focus on reframing our practice as well as specific exercises that can help us overcome these barriers and make big strides towards our goals as vocal artists.

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