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Welcome to the Style and Performance section of 30 Day Singer. As you grow comfortable with basic vocal techniques, these lessons provide a deeper focus around vocal stylization along with tips on how to perform like a pro! There are many styles of singing to explore and master, from pop, R&B, rock, classical, and country. Let us teach you how to sing in these styles with more ease for your next performance. After a few lessons you will find yourself singing with more confidence, poise, and with a signature style all your own.


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Fix Your Nervous Voice

By Camille van Niekerk

Don't be nervous! Singing is a fun, loving, positive experience. But if some technique will help you sound better, then let's get into it! We'll cover: working with your body; the rule of opposites; consistent airflow; mental rehearsal and much more.

How To Strengthen Your Voice

By Abram Poliakoff

Is your singing voice weak? Do you sing too quietly? Would you like to sound more powerful while singing? This week Abram will be showing us how to strengthen your singing voice.

Performance Anxiety: How To Fix A Shaky Nervous Voice

By Abram Poliakoff

When you get nervous while singing, does your voice start to shake or get wobbly? Do you get the pre-show jitters? Abram will show us how to calm our nerves and strengthen our shaky nervous voice!

Daily Pop Practice For High Voices

By Camille van Niekerk

As with any skill, the more you do it, the easier it becomes! If you love singing pop style music, this tutorial is for you. Camille will work you through exercises for pop style riffs, mix belt, vocal fry, pop flip and register work.

Daily R&B Practice For High Voices

By Camille van Niekerk

Join Camille as she walks you through a daily practice for one of our most requested subjects! This lesson will give you the practice needed to make the kinds of sounds and stylizations you’ll use in your favorite R&B songs.

How To Sing Classical

By Abram Poliakoff

This series is an entry into the world of classical singing. If you sing in a choir, you’ll use this technique constantly. If you sing pop, rock, r&b, or another seemingly unrelated style, you are encouraged to incorporate classical technique into your warm ups and vocal training!

14-day Pop Vocals Course With Abram

By Abram Poliakoff

Do you love pop? Then this is the course for you! This course focuses on our basic pop tone, agility, with exercises for falls & scoops, “turnarounds”, and riff patterns with up to 5 pitches. You will focus on distinct registration including falsetto, pop flips, and different types of onset, like vocal fry. We’ll use two mini-songs called “This is the time” and “Never leave you” to practice each technique.

How To Sing Like A Pro - Christmas Edition!

By Abram Poliakoff

There are standard tips, tricks and techniques that the pros use to sound as best as they can. In the holiday spirit, we will be applying these techniques to Christmas songs!

How to Sing in a Group - Christmas Style!

By Abram Poliakoff

Singing with other vocalists is a joy, and sometimes a challenge. In this live lesson we will use Christmas songs to discuss different approaches to singing in a group setting.

14-Day Performance Course With Abram

By Abram Poliakoff

This course is designed to give you lots of tips and strategies to improve your ability to perform with ease and confidence. Even if you don’t plan on being a professional performing musician, learning to perform with charm and grace can be a skill that transfers to many other aspects of your life.

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