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Vocal Nodules - Preventing Injuries

Posted April 28, 2020

vocal nodules

By Camille van Niekerk 

Because your voice is part of your body, it’s sensitive and susceptible to damage in ways that other instruments are not! And, unlike any other instrument, it’s irreplaceable.  

This article will provide valuable information on how to keep your voice healthy and prevent injury, including signs and symptoms to pay attention to.  

It depends on what you mean by “results”! There’s no magic vocal exercise or mental trick to “transform” your voice. All vocal “skills” are just coordinations between your brain and body, similar to any other physical skill.

Most people, when they ask that question, want to hear a dramatic difference in their tone, or a huge expansion in their range, or the ability to “belt” high notes with ease...

How to Sing with More Emotion

Posted March 11, 2020

It’s one thing to simply recite the words and notes on the page, it’s an entirely different thing to bring those sounds to life. It is vital to sing with emotion, otherwise a robot could do what you do! Here are some tips for how to tap into your emotions to be able to convey them through song.

“Can I learn how to sing without playing an instrument?” Of course! While it would be satisfying to accompany yourself, there is no reason to feel limited by not knowing how to play an instrument or even how to read music. It’s easy to make excuses, but there are plenty of valid ways to practice singing. Often all you need is your voice, a powerful instrument in and of itself.

Intro to Vocal Registers

Posted December 19, 2019

vocal registers

As you learn more about your voice and get into the habit of training with vocal exercises, you’ll come across the concept of “vocal registers”. This article will explain vocal registers to help you better understand how your voice functions and why it sounds the way it does!

Hey, guys! Do you know your voice type? Read on to learn more about bass, baritone, and tenor voices. 

Take the Stress Out Of Karaoke Night!

Posted November 20, 2019

karaoke singing

Karaoke should be fun, but it can also be stressful for new or inexperienced singers! Read on for some advice on how to take the stress out of karaoke night. 


Vibrato is the subtle oscillation in pitch that naturally occurs when a singer is relaxed and singing with healthy technique. Although vibrato appears naturally, it is something the singer has to “let” happen. 

The alternative to singing with vibrato is called “straight tone”, in which a note is sung with no variation in pitch.

Jon Statham's Latest Christmas Single

Posted November 7, 2019

Hi there! Just a quick and exciting announcement for you. One of our instructors, Jon Statham is releasing a new song called "Christmas Inside." 

how to improve singing voice

Regardless of how frequently you take voice lessons, you’re on your own for the majority of time you spend practicing! As a private voice teacher, I always tell my students that at most, they’ll see me once a week. So for the other six days, they have to be their own coach!

Being your own coach means setting realistic goals for yourself, motivating yourself, celebrating your progress, listening to yourself with an objective ear, and learning about the voice so you can correct any mistakes you hear. 

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