30 Day Singer Live Streams


Agility Singing Exercises - LIVE

Walk through the pentatonic scale to build longer riff patterns with confidence!


How to Sing in a Group - Christmas Style!

By Abram Poliakoff

Singing with other vocalists is a joy, and sometimes a challenge. In this live lesson we will use Christmas songs to discuss different approaches to singing in a group setting.

How To Sing Like A Pro - Christmas Edition!

By Abram Poliakoff

There are standard tips, tricks and techniques that the pros use to sound as best as they can. In the holiday spirit, we will be applying these techniques to Christmas songs!

Fix Common Issues with Vocal Tone

By Abram Poliakoff

Here are some simple and easy fixes for common vocal tone issues.

Vocal Agility Exercises

By Abram Poliakoff

Are you working on your riffs and runs but hitting walls? This week we will work on your vocal agility and built your singing voice!

Common Frustrations for Beginning Singers

By Abram Poliakoff

As a beginning singer, there are frustrations that are common across everyone. Learn what those frustrations are and how to get around them.

What Is Mixed Voice?

By Abram Poliakoff

Learn all about mixed voice, what it is and what it isn't. How to harness it and use is to the best of your ability.

Vocal Strain, Pain and Health

By Abram Poliakoff

This week we will talk about vocal strain and pain. The signs that you might be pushing your singing too hard. And ways to heal yourself and stay healthy!

Performance Anxiety: How To Fix A Shaky Nervous Voice

By Abram Poliakoff

When you get nervous while singing, does your voice start to shake or get wobbly? Do you get the pre-show jitters? Abram will show us how to calm our nerves and strengthen our shaky nervous voice!

How To Sing With A Smooth Tone

By Abram Poliakoff

Would you like your voice to sound smoother? Are you having trouble singing with a smooth tone? Abram will show us some ways in which we can sing more smoothly!

Am I Singing In Tune?

By Abram Poliakoff

Are you singing in tune? How can you tell if you're singing on pitch? Abram will show us some ways in which we can strengthen our ears and our voices to be able to tell when we are singing out of tune.

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