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Welcome to the Style and Performance section of 30 Day Singer. As you grow comfortable with basic vocal techniques, these lessons provide a deeper focus around vocal stylization along with tips on how to perform like a pro! There are many styles of singing to explore and master, from pop, R&B, rock, classical, and country. Let us teach you how to sing in these styles with more ease for your next performance. After a few lessons you will find yourself singing with more confidence, poise, and with a signature style all your own.


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Steps To Better Phrasing

By Camille van Niekerk

Why do some performances sound boring, while others sound polished and interesting? Many times, it’s phrasing that makes the difference! It’s one thing to sing the right notes; it’s another thing to make music. Camille breaks down phrasing for beginners in this tutorial.

Performance Warmups

By Camille van Niekerk

Do you have a performance coming up? Maybe an audition? Before it’s performance time, you’ll want to make sure that you warm up your voice. But what kinds of warm-ups should you use? Keep watching for Camille's tutorial on performance warm-ups!

Singing Style of Your Favorite Female Artists

By Reagan James

Former "The Voice" contestant, Reagan James will show you how to sing in the style of your favorite female artists!

Singing in the Style of Your Favorite Male Singers

By Jon Statham

Jon Statham will show you how to sing in the style of your favorite male artists!

Classical Singing

By Camille van Niekerk

This tutorial on classical technique will get you started finding your classical tone, whether your goal is to learn classical repertoire, be a better choral singer, or build a solid foundation so you can branch into other styles knowing how to get the most out of your voice.

How to Sing Country

By Camille van Niekerk

Where are my country singers at? If you love country music and would like to learn more about singing in a country style, this tutorial is for you! Singers of any genre and experience level are welcome. I encourage you to get in the mood with your favorite country tune, and we’ll get singing together.

Intro to R&B

By Camille van Niekerk

How do I start learning to sing R&B? Where do I begin? First: begin listening to a varietyof r&b artists! Get that playlist ready, and then watch my Intro to R&B tutorial. See you there!

How to Sing in a Group (A Capella)

By Camille van Niekerk

Group singing, whether you’re in a choir, an acapella ensemble, or providing harmonies in a band, requires a special set of skills. Become a better ensemble singer with our tutorial on how to sing in a group!

Christmas Songs

By Camille van Niekerk

It’s a special Christmas tutorial! Join me for some holiday fun as we learn a few favorite carols. This tutorial is great for singers of any experience level. See you there!

Performance Prep

By Camille van Niekerk

We'll cover: - Song selection - Accompaniment - Steps to rehearse + polish your performance - Confidence + nerves - Debriefing a good (or bad) performance + improving for next time

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