Top 4 Tips For Beginner Singers

tips Jun 11, 2018

Learning how to sing is a journey that's best embarked on with the help of a few quick tips to keep in mind as you make progress. It's a complete myth that there's a "singing gene". As with any other skill, practice, dedication, and great instruction will improve your singing in no time! Here are some top tips to keep in mind.

Rest your voice

A crucial tip to always keep in mind is that over-practicing is never a good idea. Practice makes perfect - but with singing, it's important to keep your voice healthy as well. You want to make sure that your practice schedule includes a rest day or else your vocal chords could become damaged with overuse!

Have great posture

Most great singers have a great posture to match. The way you position your body has a big effect on your breathing, which is paramount for successful singing! Your diaphragm also has more room to expand when you get in a good singing position. Stand up straight, keep your chin straight, and loosen up your shoulders for better results.

Warming up is not an option

Another way to keep your voice healthy while learning to sing is to always warm up. Your vocal chords are not unbreakable, so starting with some simple exercises in the middle of your range is a great place to begin before each session. It's important to put only a little pressure on your muscles before you're ready to ramp it up! On average, you should be warming up for around 20 minutes.

Use Your Ears

As a singer, your hearing is paramount to your success. No matter how gifted your voice may be, if you aren't singing in tune with the song, the results may not be pretty. When learning new songs, it's important to get the tone right so you can gauge your improvement. 

Pro tip: Use a good pair of monitors that allow you to sing at a normal level. This will help you adjust your tone as needed.

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